Our Goal

SmartQMS helps Australian scientific communities build smart quality management systems that improve compliance and quality.

Our Vision:

Empowering Science Through Quality.

Our Mission:

Guiding Leaders To Master Quality Systems for Scientific Excellence.

The SmartQMS Story

SmartQMS was born out of the vision and determination of Keren Natalia, a scientist turned QA professional with a background in Biotechnology, Medical Microbiology, and Immunology.

With a decade-long career in quality management, Keren found herself frustrated by the complexity and inefficiency of traditional quality systems.

She envisioned a lean and effective quality system that helps businesses easily achieve their compliance objectives and without burdening their operations with unnecessary paperwork and red tape.

Today, SmartQMS is the realisation of that vision, serving a broad spectrum of scientific and medical technology companies across Australia.

Innovating how quality management is delivered

Throughout her career Keren recognised there is a lack of skilled quality professionals for the scientific community and a growing need for startups and small-size organisations to access these skills.

She hopes to solve this problem by introducing fractional quality management services that allows organisation to access Quality System experts that are normally out of reach and provide mentoring and support for the next generation of quality leaders in science.

The fractional quality management service:

What Clients Say

I can’t recommend Keren highly enough for her guidance in helping the UNSW RNA Institute become the first ISO 9001 certified RNA therapeutics manufacturer in Australia. Her knowledge of the QMS and certification landscape, excellent communication, and organized, pragmatic approach was invaluable. What could have been an overwhelming task was instead a manageable and rewarding effort in which we achieved our certification goals within an ambitious timeline. From the initial discussion as to which ISO certification best suited our needs, through to the final audit and follow up, her advice and direction were critical to our success.

Joshua Peterson
Chief Operating Officer

Our Core Values


We aim to create lean and efficient systems, simplifying the compliance process without compromising quality.


We are dedicated to seeking out and adopting innovative approaches and technologies to provide the best quality management solutions.


Our deep industry knowledge, drawn from years of experience in various roles, forms the bedrock of our work.


We believe in the power of collaboration and see our clients as partners, providing them with the resources and guidance they need to grow and succeed.

Meet Our Team

Keren Natalia

Director & Principal Consultant

Dr. Caitriona Murray

Quality Consultant

Anfernee Chansamooth

Chief Marketing Officer