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Our Mission

Supporting Australian scientific innovation through helping businesses build effective quality management systems, and improve the community awareness and knowledge of quality system.

Our Vision:

Leading the quality revolution in Life Science industry.

SmartQMS emerged from the vision Keren Natalia, whose background in Biotechnology, Medical Microbiology, and Immunology seamlessly transitioned into a passion for enhancing quality within the scientific community. Keren is passionate about creating simple and effective systems that empowering businesses to excel and achieve their compliance objectives with ease.

We bring over 15 years of quality management experience in MedTech and Biotech across a wide range of products and services, including orthopedics, biologics, genomics, nuclear science.

Ultimately our goal is to cultivate a culture where quality is more than just a checkbox, and empowering organisations to achieve more while keeping things simple, offering tailored, practical solutions that translate into real-world impact.

SmartQMS was born to fill a gap in the market for skilled quality professionals and the growing demand from startups and small-sized organisations for such expertise. By introducing the concept of fractional quality management services, SmartQMS has democratised access to top-tier Quality System specialists for organisations that previously found such expertise out of reach. 

Today, we extend our services across Australia to a diverse portfolio of scientific and medical technology companies. 

We have established enduring partnerships with top-tier institutions, developing and implementing quality systems for laboratories within the University of New South Wales, Garvan Institute of Medical Research, and Telethon Kids Institute.

Through our outreach, we are also committed to nurturing the next wave of quality-informed leaders within the science community, providing both mentorship and support to foster a future where quality and innovation go hand in hand. 

The fractional quality management service:

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Our Core Values


We aim to create lean and efficient systems, simplifying the compliance process without compromising quality.


We are dedicated to seeking out and adopting innovative approaches and technologies to provide the best quality management solutions.


Our deep industry knowledge, drawn from years of experience in various roles, forms the bedrock of our work.


We believe in the power of collaboration and see our clients as partners, providing them with the resources and guidance they need to grow and succeed.

Meet Our Team

Keren Natalia

Director & Principal Consultant

Dr. Caitriona Murray

Quality Consultant

Yemima Gloria

Admin Officer/ Document Controller