Zero to Quality
Launching January 2025

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Our Mission

Quality Management System for Everyone.

We’re on a mission to encourage more organisations to adopt a Quality Management System (QMS). Achieving consistent quality in products and services isn’t just good for business – it benefits staff, customers, end-users, patients, and everyone involved. Ultimately, it makes the world a better place.

Yet for many organisation, embarking on the journey from zero to quality feels daunting due to:


  Cost: Setting up and sustaining a QMS can be costly, with investments needed in training, documentation, audits, and other critical resources.


  Limited Resources: The process of establishing a QMS can be extensive. Smaller entities, like labs or businesses, might not have the staff or expertise required to develop and maintain a QMS.


  Resistance to Change: Adopting a QMS typically means altering current processes and habits, which can be met with resistance from staff comfortable with the existing workflows. The perceived bureaucracy of QMS documentation and procedures often leads to hesitance in embracing such systems.

What if there’s a solution?

Since there is no existing solution out there, we’ve decided to create one. Our ‘Zero to Quality’ program is designed to remove these obstacles, making it easier for organisations to implement a quality management system.


  Affordable: We’ve made our program accessible to organisations of every size.


  Simplified QMS Framework: We supply all the essentials—document templates, forms, registers, etc. Everything you need to establish a simple yet ISO-compliant QMS.


  Expert Guidance: With access to our specialists, you can speed up your system’s development and sidestep common mistakes.

  Beyond Technical Skills: A robust QMS goes beyond just technical know-how. Through our multi-disciplinary training program, you’ll learn vital soft skills like communication, problem-solving, and leadership skills, to take your QMS from good to great!

Let’s break down barriers together. Join and transform your organisation from zero to quality.

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